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GROUP Adobe Photoshop

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GROUP IAAP Webinar - Get Up To Speed With Adobe Photoshop

Presented by: Neil Malek

Worth 1.5 Recertification Points - Must Pass Quiz

Length: 90 minutes 

Most people know Photoshop from its use in airbrushing models, but there are countless business and personal applications for the tool. Any time you need to use a graphic, from PowerPoint to websites to emails to promotional materials, Photoshop can help you create, control, and improve upon that graphic. This 90-minute session will build on the foundational tools of Photoshop to help beginners understand its use, and help intermediate users improve their skillset. Several real-life examples will be presented, and all the sample files will be shared with the audience, to help you recreate the effects. Join presenter Neil Malek from Knack Training as he demonstrates each skill live, and answers questions along the way!

Topics covered include:

  • Selection Tools and Techniques
  • Understanding, Controlling, and Combining Layers
  • Masking to Combine and Edit
  • Working with Color
  • Working with Scale, Resolution, Size, and File Types
  • Creating Outstanding Marketing Materials
  • Combining Photos
  • Working with Transparency