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GROUP IAAP Webinar- Innovate

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GROUP IAAP Webinar- Innovate Like a Mouse

Presented by: Lenn Millbower


Length: 75 minutes

What Disney lacked in specific artistic talent, he made up for in creative envisioning, inspiring leadership, and innovative thinking. Disney transcended his limitations by cultivating his natural creative abilities, capturing the possibilities his mind envisioned, and championing those brainstorms in such a way that they inspired those around him to help him deliver amazing innovations. Disney described the formula as, “dream, diversify, and never miss an angle.”


You may not be as creative as Disney. Few are. But, you are creative. So is your team. It’s just that in the crush of tough business environments, we forget how. It’s ironic. Tough times scream for innovative solutions. The key is to find natural creative potential, to harness it, and to capitalize on it. In this presentation, examine the techniques Walt Disney used to capture inspiration and transform that inspiration into innovation. Discover how to dream, diversify, and never miss an angle as you apply Disney’s creative spirit to your world.