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IAAP Webinar - Decision-Making: Why Style Matters


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Presented by: Annette Dubrouillet

Worth 1 Recertification Point - Must Pass Quiz

Length: 75 minutes

People’s decision-making styles range from “I need to think about this,” to “Let’s just make a decision and get on with it.” An individual’s approach is one of the three major factors in determining how likely he or she is to consistently make good decisions. 

This session will show you where you fall on the decision-making style continuum, how to recognize the style of other people on your team such as bosses and colleagues. (We might even slip in a bit of information about significant others.) But we won’t stop there. We’ll explore strategies you can utilize to keep style (yours or theirs) from negatively impacting the likelihood of your making the best decision the first time around. The result is a more efficient, effective decision-making process that benefits the entire organization. 

  • Understand the impact of style on making good decisions 
  • Ability to describe the two major decision-making styles including the benefits and potential problems of each style 
  • Recognize your own style and the styles of bosses and co-workers
  • Ability to state at least three strategies for avoiding potential problems with each style