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Minute-Taking Course

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Minute-Taking Course


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Worth 6 recertification points - must pass quiz

Must complete within 6 months of first accessing the course

NOT included in the Unlimited Access Pass

Minute taking can be complex, tricky and challenging.  Minute takers are often expected to produce clear and coherent minutes from poorly organized meetings. This self-paced, self-study online course will help you address this challenge in a logical and organized fashion.  It will teach you to work smart, instead of working hard.

Specifically, this course will provide you with principles, standards and practical tools for minute taking. The course builds on Eli Mina’s book “Mina’s Guide to Minute Taking”, which is provided as an e-book with the course.  The course includes seven modules, each complete with an audio by Eli Mina, the relevant book chapter, and a series of questions to test your knowledge. The course is concluded with a final quiz. 

The seven modules are:

  1. Minutes: Definitions and key principles
  2. Minute taking standards
  3. Minutes of informal meetings
  4. Minutes of formal meetings
  5. Minutes of closed meetings
  6. Minutes approval process
  7. Minute taker’s roles