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GROUP IAAP Webinar - Dont Be a SeeSaw

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GROUP IAAP Webinar - Dont Be a SeeSaw - Go Beyond Balance and Engage in Life-Work Integration

Presented by: Lisa Montanaro

Worth 1 Recertification Point - Must Pass Quiz

Length: 75 Minutes

One of the greatest challenges for busy, successful and creative people juggling several projects, talents and ideas is to live a well-rounded life. If only we could "balance” the creative and the practical, the personal and the professional, the urgent and the important. If only we could do all that is on our personal and professional ‘to do’ lists while simultaneously attending to our health, nurturing our important relationships, and taking good care of our responsibilities. You can if you get off that see-saw! In this engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking webinar, Productivity Consultant and Success Coach, Lisa Montanaro, challenges the status quo thinking of trying to achieve the ever elusive quest of life-work "balance." Lisa asks participants to shed their old way of thinking and embrace an integrated approach to the life-work model. She inspires participants to stop trying to balance the mythical see-saw so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even and, instead, take steps to integrate the two for greater happiness and control. She will offer tips to integrate more of you into the workplace. Come change your thinking and your behavior!