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IAAP Webinar - Powerful Partnerships

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IAAP Webinar - Powerful Partnerships


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Presented by: Peggy Vasquez

Length: 60 minutes

Worth 1 recertification point after assessment is passed

You recognize powerful partnerships when you encounter them.  You may wonder what steps were taken to create the trust and respect that is displayed in their behavior.  How did they become confident in one another’s abilities?  Powerful partners depend on each other to achieve a common purpose.  When in sync, each partner contributes to the other’s accomplishments creating a win-win partnership.  Together, you will closely examine the following:

  • Learn the art of critical and strategic questioning
  • Why Styles Matter
  • Gender Communication Differences
  • Examples of a Partnership in Action
  • Benefits of a Powerful Partnership
  • Synergy and Collaboration
  • How to Create a Powerful Partnership