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IAAP Webinar - Project Management

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IAAP Webinar - Fundamentals of Project Management


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Presented by: Andrew Mellen

Worth 1 Recertification Point - Must Pass Quiz

Length: 75 Minutes

Date presented: April 1, 2015

The primary difference between work in general and an actual project is a clearly defined end point— a project cannot go on indefinitely. There are no short cuts to successful project management. Proper evaluation, planning, and execution depend on thoroughness. Scope creep, distant partners and changing priorities can undermine even the best planning.

Learn how to remain agile and flexible while utilizing PMI best practices to ensure a thoughtful, integrated process with consistently superior results.

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Define and implement a project
  • Understand and utilize the five stages of a project’s life cycle and know how to manage each
  • Consistently evaluate the feasibility of a project at every milestone
  • Identify key roles and keep everyone accountable
  • Complete a Statement of Work
  • Understand and use a target chart and other planning tools
  • Enhance their ability to sell ideas and make presentations
  • Develop and maintain schedules and budgets
  • Manage the unexpected, including change orders and management rollovers
  • Know what a meeting is and isn’t: the how and when of calling meetings to avoid wasting time
  • Know what a meaningful report is and isn’t: the power of transparency in meeting goals
  • Successfully finish, debrief and create a roadmap for future projects

This course will give you the how, what and why of projects and the basic tools to successfully manage one. From marketing campaigns to capital improvements, projects are useful and necessary—and easy to manage when you know how.