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GROUP IAAP Webinar - Communication Across Generations

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GROUP IAAP Webinar - Communication Across Generations: It's Time to Bridge the Gap!

Presented by: Carol Schulte

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Length: 60 Minutes

Date presented: September 2, 2015

With four distinct generations now working together under one roof, one type of thinking and communication is no longer going to cut it. Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X-ers and Millennials each have unique values, communication styles, attitudes, and behaviors. Instead of focusing on the challenges that may ensue, it’s time to embrace the diversity and celebrate the experience and expertise each brings to the table. In this webinar, you’ll gain a deeper understanding into the various generations, resulting in more effective and enjoyable communication and ultimately higher productivity in the workplace.

Topics Include:

  • Understand the values, attitudes, and communication styles of each generation 
  • Learn the importance of creating a company culture that integrates all four generations
  • Develop the most effective communication strategies for whomever you are working with
  • Discover the 7 keys to improve interactions across generations