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  1. First, refer to your registration email that you received when you first created your account on the site. If you are unable to locate this email and need to reset your password, click the “forgot password” link on the sign-on page. An email will be sent to your site administrator to reset your password.

  2. If you do not know your username and cannot locate your registration email, you will need to contact your site administrator directly for assistance.

  1. Yes. The system remembers what you last viewed and returns you there when you resume your course.

  1. For questions regarding a particular course, you should contact your instructor/leader. You can use the system’s messaging feature for this.

  1. Solomon Learning Management System® has been tested in and performs best with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and higher (Download) Mozilla Firefox (Download) Google Chrome (Download) *Safari (Download) Opera (Download)

  2. Some courses may not perform as designed in Explorer 7 or earlier. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your browser to the latest version. If you have trouble viewing the course in the latest version of Explorer, you may want to try Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

  3. Many courses are video based and require your internet connection to provide sufficient speed and bandwidth for streaming video. Try closing all other applications that may be running on your computer to free up additional memory. In addition, if you are using a wireless connection, try plugging your computer into your internet service directly. If your course is still not running properly and you suspect it is your internet speed, try moving to another location with better internet service.

  1. You should first contact your site administrator or instructor. If they are unable to help, please send a help desk ticket to the technical team at Solomon Learning Management System ® by clicking on “Help” in the menu of your site or email us at support@achievevle.com.

  1. Yes. However, some quizzes and exams may only be taken one time.

  1. Yes. As long as you continue your registration on the site, your completed course will remain in your learning portfolio.

  1. Course availability is at the discretion of the instructor or course provider. That information should have be communicated to you in the initial enrollment email. If you need further information, please contact your instructor or site administrator.

International Association of Administrative Professionals is powered by the Achieve VLE from Gateway Instructional Design Group.

While we do not officially support Linux, any distribution capable of running an HTML5 compatible browser and Adobe Flash should perform well.

Videos presented in the Achieve VLE require a browser capable of playing either HTML5 Video (H.264) or a Flash based video player.

* Internet Explorer 8 is only supported for Windows XP users.

* Safari is only supported for MacOS and iOS. Safari for Windows is not supported.

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